I just discovered that since I got this website back up that comments were turned off by default which meant that no one could leave any comments on any of the pages. Not that I was getting a lot of them anyway, but I did get that turned back on. So if you have something to say, now you can. Of course, I expect any comments you may have to be related to something about the site and not just that you are trying to advertise with a link to your own business or unrelated site. All comments must be approved by me before they actually get posted to this site so if you are a spammer, don’t even bother because your comment won’t be approved.

What’s happening…

Actually not much in terms of this blog.

I continue to actively write music and am planning on putting together a second CD but time is always a factor. The Southern Gospel group that I sing in (Aire to the Throne) is planning on releasing a CD consisting of songs that I have written. We are talking about starting to do some recording for that soon. The fact that I have written the songs really simplifies the production a lot as we don’t have to track down who owns the copyright for the song (as well as the track) and then contact them (and pay them) for permission to use their songs.

It’s back!

Well, most of it anyway. I reconstructed most of the pages that I previously had on the website from the web archive. The important thing is that the links to my music are available on each song page, so you can listen to it now.


Work in progress…

You’ll have to excuse the look of my site for the moment. Through some unfortunate circumstances, my website got overwritten. I was able to retrieve most of the content of the site from a web archive but it will take me a while to reconstruct it. Keep checking back as I will get it rebuilt eventually.