I drew this during my early to mid teens (the Vietnam War era). It was all done with felt tip pens and took me a long time to finish. I would do a little bit off and on whenever I felt inspired. Just to give some perspective, the dimensions are 12 in. by 18 in. This is not the best picture but maybe I will try to get a better shot of it sometime later to upload.

I was concerned about being drafted into the military at the time. If I had been drafted, I would have definitely joined but at the time it really wasn’t in my ‘life plan’. As it turned out, they stopped the draft when I was 17 years old. Even though the draft was stopped they still had the draft lottery (just in case they needed to start it up again). Every year up until then I had a very high draft lottery number. In 1974, my number was 22 and in the 1975 lottery (the one in which I would have been called) my number was 31.



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