ABC Walker

About this song

I wrote this song when I was a sophomore in college. It uses a number of play on words phrases. For example, in the first line of the song “C walker” really is “sea walker” referring to when Jesus walked on water. I started with the idea of using the English alphabet to describe aspects of Jesus and my original intention was that this would be a kid’s song. By the time I added the numbers verse and, in particular, the musical scale verse, the play on words got a little too obtuse. So it really didn’t make a very good kid’s song but I liked it anyway. In the lyrics below, I put some things in parentheses to maybe help interpret the play on words at that point.

The Lyrics

© 1974 Larry G. Hearin

He’s the A-B-C (Sea) walker
D-E-F-G (Gee!), He made the blind man see
H-I-J (I’m sure His closest friends called Him “J”), He’s the only way
K-L-M-N-O (Oh), Can’t you see?

Well now, P-Q-R, no matter who you aRe
S and T, He can SeT you free
U-V-W-X-Y-Z, Jesus of Galilee
Jesus of Galilee

And He’s the 1-2-3 in one
4-5, He’ll make you alive
6-7-8, it’s not too late
9-10, give your all to Him

Everybody sings Do-Re-Mi amigo (my friend) set me free
Fa-So loved He me
La-Ti (T)-O-M-B He left that day
Do, Don’t you, won’t you believe?

That He’s the A-B-C walker
The 1-2-3 in one
Do-Re-Mi amigo set me free
Jesus of Galilee
Jesus of Galilee
Jesus of Galilee

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