Song One

About this song

You may notice that there are not a lot of words to this song. That’s because it focuses more on the instruments than the vocals. It all started with the initial guitar chord sequence and just evolved from there. The name is “Song One” not because it was the first song I ever wrote but because it was the first song that my college roommate, Mark Smith, and I ever did together. Mark and I were roommates for my junior and senior years at the University of Texas in Austin. We did not write this song together because I had already written it before we became roommates. We did go on to write a few songs together — some good (Standing on a Mountaintop, A Friend in Need, 1849) and some probably best forgotten (The Orange Peel Song). When Mark and I performed Song One we did it with only 2 acoustic guitars. My rendition of the song that is on the CD makes use of much more — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, drums and other percussion. I will be the first to admit that I am not a great instrumentalist. However, I had a lot of fun laying down the tracks and mixing this song.

The Lyrics

© 1975 Larry G. Hearin

Lord, You have looked down on me from up above
Lord, I receive Your most gracious redeeming love

Lord, You have sent Your only begotten Son
Lord, I believe, yes I believe and the victory’s won

Lord, I know I will be with You someday
Lord, Oh my Lord, hear my prayer, come without delay

Alleluia, Alleluia
Alleluia, Alleluia

Ah, Alle, Allelu, Alleluia

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