Body Pearl

About this song

I wrote this song when I was singing with the Round Rock Community Choir. Back then the choir put on an event every year called “Saturday Night – Dead or Alive” which always had a wide range of song types. I tended to lean toward the more humorous.

It can be painful to lose something that is so much a part of you…

The Lyrics

© 2003 Larry G. Hearin

They told me you were leaving, I can’t believe it’s true
They said I can’t imagine the pain of losing you
I don’t know why you had to go
And leave me here all alone
My little kidney stone
The one I always called my own
My precious, little body pearl
Why did you have to leave my world?
What did I ever say to make you want to stray
My little wandering jewel?

Oh, baby, I struggled so hard just to try and keep you in
But that was a battle I knew I couldn’t win
So I screamed like a banshee, till my voice shattered glass
And at long last I discovered that this too shall pass

And now that it’s all over you’re not so far away
It seems I get to see you now almost every day
The whole world can see now my precious body pearl
That I strung on a necklace for my girl (my girl, my girl)

My little body pearl
You can see it on my girl
Kinda makes you want to hurl

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