Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” – John 20:29 (NIV)

The Lyrics

© 2007 Larry G. Hearin

If I was a carpenter in a small town preparing soon to be wed
And the one I would marry was then found with child would I believe what she said
That the child she would bear would be Savior of all, the One who would make all things new
And then if an angel told me in a dream it was true
Would I believe?

If I was a shepherd just watching my flock out on a clear, starry night
And thousands of angels appeared in the sky surrounded by heavenly light
Saying “Glory to God in the highest. Rejoice! A Savior is born on this day”
If I went to the stable to see and, behold, there He lay
Would I believe?

If I was a wise man who studied the stars and knew what the prophets foretold
If I saw a sign of the birth of a king would I take him treasures and gold?
Would I follow the star as it led on the way till it came to rest over Him?
For the prophets had said He would save the world from all sin
Would I believe?

These people of old believed it was true when a sign they did receive
But blessed are those whose eyes have not seen yet believe

If I was Creator and Maker of all and fellowship was lost with man
If I made a way to restore you again would you believe such a plan?
If I sent you My Son to be born as a babe and to walk as a man on the earth
To show how to die and to lead you into a new birth

Would you believe?
Won’t you believe?
Come and believe.

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